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Who is Dolores Pratt Chandler?

Dolores Pratt Chandler is an emerging author from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A mother, grandmother, corporate success, motivational speaker, and writer, she has spent a large portion of her life striving for acceptable peace and hope in the face of adversity and grief. Her positive attitude has brought her unprecedented growth and an ensuing passion for life that brings happiness to both herself and others.

Chandler started her journey of hope as a young mother with children diagnosed with a rare genetic illness. Her latest book, Grain of Hope: A Mother’s Memoir, is a short story that shares Dolores' journey of hope. Watch the video to get to know Dolores.

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My desire is to affect even one person’s life with the positive message of hope. Yes, this one word, like a rudder of a great ship or the tail of a 747 jetliner, guides you out of a downward spiral into an acceptable peace. I am truly thankful if Grain of Hope steered you in the right direction.

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